Deleting a particular element in a JavaScript array is pretty easy and there is various method that can be employed for the same. Let’s get our hands wet in order to understand how to delete elements in a JavaScript Array.

Using Delete in Order to Delete an Item from JavaScript Array

You can simply use delete in order to delete. This way you can delete the element from an array but the slot in an array goes undefined. Follow the code below

See the code running below. You can see that the element got deleted but space leaves a blank space in the array.

Using Splice in order to delete an element from JavaScript Array

Using splice can solve the above issue. You can go ahead and follow this code in order to delete the element from the Array. Splice he helpful and helps you to delete the slot as well as the element. Have a look at the code.

NOTE: Using Delete will create an empty slot in the Array and this will lead to the element deletion but the slot becomes empty.

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