Johnny-Five is a robust  Robotic & IoT platform for creating cutting edge IoT and Robotics Application using just JavaScript. It has a huge Developer community backing and this leads to a robust platform that is being created.

Johnny-Five has been tested and deployed on various platform. Since Johnny-Five has IO Plugin which makes Johnny-Five an apt platform to integrate with any hardware platform. There are various platforms with which it can combine pretty easy. You can find the list of things that can integrate with Johnny-Five.  Like all the other article lets have a look at the simple program like Blink a LED.

Blink a LED

The program for the Blink is just a few lines of code and this literally rocks.

As this seems to be pretty simple, we have a series where we are talking about these products and these tutorials are just a preliminary process in order to make you aware of some frameworks that exist. To check the detailed list have a look at IoT.

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