With power comes ton of Fun!! Ionic Console makes sure that you can use these to supercharge your development.The Web Juice
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    ionic doc

    This leads you to the documentation for ionic on the site.

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    ionic generate

    Generate pipes, components, pages, directives, providers, and tabs (ionic-angular >= 3.0.0)

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    ionic info

    Print system/environment info

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    ionic link

    Link your application to the ionic platform

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    ionic serve

    Helps to start the internal server in order to show the app on the browser

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    ionic start

    Create a new application

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    ionic upload

    Upload the application in the Ionic Platform

Let’s look at the various other options that we can use with ionic serve. This will do wonders in your development experience. Just go through this and get to know how you can encorporate these into your npm package itself.

This can also be called as given below and will help you to print the application logs in ionic cli

[code] ionic serve –consolelogs [/code]
Prints the dev server logs on the cli. It can also be called as below.
[code]ionic serve –serverlogs[/code]
This command will help you to set up a specific port for showing your site.
[code]ionic server –port 4444[/code]
Opening the ionic lab on the browser. So you can use these command in order to get started with lab.
[code]ionic serve –lab[/code]

These are some of the Commands that you will like to keep handy in order to proceed with Ionic Framework. If you want the full list of commands you can always refer to the Ionic Documentation out here.

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